The American Bandogge Mastiff

The American Bandogge Mastiff is a working/protection style mastiff. The Bandogge has an ancestry of bully breeds mixed with Mastiff breeds. A veterinarian by the name of Swinford began a breeding program in the late 1960's to produce the greatest of all protection dogs. The name Bandog comes from the word Banda, a Saxon word for chain, used in old England. It was common practice to tether the dog by day and release him at night to patrol and carry out his guard duties.

A good Bandogge is an extremely athletic, substantial and strong dog. They are intelligent, easy to train and generally have a one person/one family type of temperament. Devoted to their family and aloof with strangers and instinctively protective. With any protection dog, it's always best to take the dog through training, although his instincts are usually enough, protection training teaches a dog the tactics and skill to effectively protect his loved ones and territory.

Our Bandogge Breeding Program produces a very agile, athletic protection dog, well suited for sport, the field or the family.

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