Belgian Malinois
Breed Information:

The Malinois /ˈmælɨnwɑː/ is a versatile dog that can perform a multitude of tasks, such as protection work, traking, scent detection, suspect apprehension, search & rescue and many more including athletic dog sport competitions. Malinois is the French word for Mechlinian, which in Dutch is either Mechelse Herdershond or Mechelse Scheper (both meaning: shepherd dog from Mechelen) or Mechelaar (meaning: one from Mechelen).



24-28in. 64-75lbs.


22-24in. 55-66lbs.

This breed requires a lot of socialization, not necessarily letting people pet them but just getting them out and about into public places especially if they are to become working dogs. The best way to put it, they're a lot like an African Wild Dog. They tend to be a one person/one family type dog, aloof yet tolerant of strangers but never friendly with strangers. They're loyal to their people.

They are high energy, so you should find an activity to do with your dog or at the very lest have a doggie playmate and many toys to keep them occupied and exercised. Their high drives also make them willing pupils and learn and train very quickly. They are super smart and observe everything.