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Canis Panther
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Canis Panther
Canis Panther
Canis Panther

Female Puppies available for reservation.

DOB 01/11/2023


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Canis Panther, Female, 1112023

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Canis Panther

Canis Panther Breed Information:

This Canis Panther was developed in the United States in the 1970's by Mr. Cleotha "Scorpio" Jones, Mr. Michael "Gypsie" Stratten and Mr. Lucas Lopez to create a formidable protection dog. The Canis Panther's reputation was cultivated on the streets of Chicago, where life and death truly mattered. The Canis Panther was developed by blending Dobermans with Bandogges, including the black Great Dane, black Labrador Retriever, and the American Staffordshire Terrier. The breed founders hoped to create a more substantial Doberman-type guard dog.

The Canis Panther is naturally aloof with strangers but very intelligent and easy to train, they're loyal and loving to their family.