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Outstanding Pedigree!

These pups are line bred on CH Gil von Hause Milsped & World CH Bronko od Dragicevica.

There're 4 WORLD Champions within the first 5 generations of their pedigree including, World Ch'06 Gonzzo Earl Antonius, World Ch'01 Bronko od Dragicevica, , Young World CH'07 Dack Flash Rouse, & Young World CH Falko vom Sittard

Clyde von Riesig, the Sire of this litter is out of imported parents from Bosnia & Serbia, his sire is CH Pico Hause of Lazic and he is a grandson of Young World CH Dack Flash Rouse & World CH Bronko od Dragicevica.

Tanner von Riesig, the dam is from both a heavily built European line but also a larger American line with the Kimbertal bloodline further in her generations. She is a CH Redwood Krest's Jako & Serbian Import Alpha von Hasan Hause.

This combination brings European style heavy bone, square heads & Height.

Clyde von Riesig

Int. CH, Multi CH Pico Hause of Lazic (Bosnia) IPOI

Yg World CH `07 Dack Flash Rouse (Germany) HD +/- ED +/-

Y CH, Croatia, Bosnia, Hung KJ Odo vom Hause Rotvis IPO I, HD-, ED-

Int CH,CH UA,Rus,MD,SCG, Morro von der Scherau IPO-1, AD, ZtP, HD/ED-free

Ch Mol, 3xCAC Dayana vom Hause Rotvis

Puma Earl Antonius HD-A ED-0

World CH'06 Toronto/Benelux Sieger 04/04/Hun KJS'03 Bos/Ser CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius IPO I, MAG Test NL, HD +/- ED+/-

Yug CH, '05 ETRK Siegerin Aksa Elez Rott 4xCAC 2xR.CAC, IPO1

CAC, PRM, BOB, JBIS Ara Brcko Star

Int CH., multi V rated Gil von Hause Milsped HD-, IPO 1

Adult & Youth Yug CH Black od Dragicevica IPO I

Beta Siki Rottweiler

7x PRM, CAC, JCH, HR, JCH SCG, Daxi Wonix Rot

5xPRM, JCH BiH, JCH SCG Lex ’From Naomi’s Stars’

JCH BiH, 3xPRM, 3xCAC, BOB Axa Wonix Rot

CH Kim von Hasan Hause (Serbia)

World CH'01, INT.Ch, Yug./Hun. Ch Bronko od Dragicevica IPO 3 HD- ED-

FCI/Am/Can/Aust/Hun/Slovak/Yug CH Gil Crni Lotos IPO I, RO-57067G29M-T, RO-EL2674M29-T

10X V-1 Yug CH. 10 x CAC, CACIB Beni (Yugo) IPO I, HD-

2xPRM 2xCAC PR Bessy von Haus Krammer IPO I, HD-

CAC Lola

Yug CH Romul IPO I

Yug CH, CAC, Res CAC Ana

R. CAC Dunja vom Hause Djurdjulov IPOI

Young World CH, Int'l/Bul/Hun/Yug CH Falko vom Sittard HD- ED+

Int./DT.VDH-CH ES'93 KS'91'92 Noris vom Gruntenblick SchH III FH AD BH IPO III Gekort bis EzA HD +/-

BJS'92/Int/Bel/Lux/DT VDH CH Cita vom Sittard IPO I BH AD ZtP

CH Kim von Granitkopf IPOI

INT.CH, O-KS' 95, IFR Sieger Doc von der Teufelsbrucke SchHIII, FH, AD, BH, Gek, HD-

Brigite von Kochiz 3XR.CACIB, 3XCAC, 3X PRM

Tanner von Riesig

Caesar von Alpha Hause 32"

Redwood Krest's Jako SchHI

ARV CH, Multi V-1 Jenecks Uno SchH III, ZtP, AD, FH, Korung, RO-54397G24M-T

93 ARV Nat'l Sieger,'94 ARV Nat'l SchH CH Jeneck's Wotan SchH III, IPO III, FH, AD, Korung, ZtP, RO-34654G

V-1 Jenecks Auer

2003 European CH/V1 Jana vom Bulser Hof SchH/IPO I, BH, ZtP

Cliff von der Siegquelle SchIII AD BH Gek.b.EzA 5-21-95(Hoffman/Fleige) HD-
Cati vom Bulser Hof SchH/VPG III BH ZTP(12.96)
Lund's Kayla Kaisan Bo Cefus R Wiler
Miss Jenna Vauhn Greenwood
Akhenblit's Chelsea Bosworth von Heins
India von Nadia

Shea von Riesig 27"

Alpha von Hasan Hause (Serbia)

Int CH., multi V rated Gil von Hause Milsped HD-, IPO 1

Adult & Youth Yug CH Black od Dragicevica IPO I

Beta von Siki Rottweiler

Yug CH, Ines Tienmen

Wsg 2001, INT.Ch, Yug./Hun. Ch Bronko od Dragicevica IPO 3 HD- ED-
Fa Vom Zica Rot

Colossal K9's Goddess Diana 28"

Grizzleys Turbo Booster 30" 165lbs.
SR Jacob Grizzly
Jasper's Sunset

Look'N Foxy Roxy 28"
A's Jack Tonka Adlerhaus
Bradshaw Mountains Jadyn
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