The Raspador Scratch Box

Our "Raspador Scratch Box" is manufactured for Narcotics, Bomb Sniffing & Accelerant Dog training and we offer the following on our product:

  • A large PVC, "Toy Chute" is retractable for shipping purposes.
  • The Heavy Duty Plexiglas can be opened or closed to accommodate training methods.
  • Comes complete with a "Bait Door" in the back, for substance (Drug) storage.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Simpson Hangers, in the back of the box, allows for sturdy placement on a 2X4 or 2X6 training wall.
  • "Raspador Bait Balls" are available for purchase.


(Prices when purchased with cash or check.)

  • $475.00 for a set of 5- 16" X 24" "Raspador Scratch Boxes".
  • After purchase of a set of 5- 16"X24" "Raspador Scratch Boxes," you may purchase single large Scratch Boxes at $100.00ea. if you need additional boxes. (You get the discount by purchasing in sets of 5.)

(Prices when purchased with a credit or debit card.)

Note: we're temporarily out of stock of this product, check back in June for the status of availability. 

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Front View: Chute and Plexiglas are DOWN and ready for shipping.

Back View: Chute and Plexiglas are UP and Ready for Training. Two Heavy Duty Steel Simpson Hangers are installed and ready for a 2X4 or 2X6 wall.

Front View: Chute and Plexiglas are UP and Ready for Training.

To Place your order for Scratch Boxes call:


PARIS NICHOLSON of K.O.P.S. Security in Sorrento Florida


We have tried all of the other Scratch Box manufacturers and nothing compares to the Raspador Box. It is heavy duty quality constructed. Our scent room is outfitted with Raspador Boxes and our trainers & dogs love them.

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