Pitbull Litter whelped 12/19/13



Blazer is super sweet with a gentle temperament, she does love to play and loves water, she was raised around chihuahuas and she's great with dogs of all ages and sizes, she's watchful of the property and will bark when needed, very smart and athletic.


Video of Blazer


Certified Super Esco

Rosales Blue Geisha

Great Grandparents

Certified Some Big Thick Meat

Certified's Super Blue

Royal Blood Line King Lion

Rosales Mystic Blue

Great Great Grandparents

Certified Black Shaq

Eagle Rock's Queen Blue

Certified's Big Psycho Unit

Certified's Cooley High

Able Paws Talka The Town

Cervantes Deja Vu Queen

Great Great Great Grandparents

Dela Cruz Rocky