Puppy Training Program

In addition to the sale of puppies, we also offer foundational training in obedience, manners, housebreaking, protection imprinting and bite development. Most of our puppies range from $800-1200.

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One Month Program:

Our puppy training is available at a rate $1,500.00 a month. Your puppy comes to you at approximately 12 weeks of age. Still very much a puppy, and however still a handful, but we have imprinted and started the puppy off on the right track making it easier for you to continue training.

Three Month Program:

While your puppy is still under 6 months of age going through this comprehensive program takes a puppy to their maximum potential. The program is $4,500.00. The training includes on-leash obedience, bite development, foundation protection training, crate training, travel …

Sixteen Month Program:

For those that want a fully trained dog this is the best program. This 16 month program takes a dog to it’s maximum potential by the age of 18 months old. The program is $24,000, The training includes on and off leash obedience, crate training, socialization, travel, protecting the home and vehicle, decoy work, multiple attackers …

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