Puppy Training Program

In addition to the sale of puppies, we also offer foundation training in obedience, manners, housebreaking, protection imprinting and bite development. Most of our puppies range from $800-1200.

One Month Program:

Our puppy training is available at a rate $1,250.00 a month. Your puppy comes to you at approximately 12 weeks of age. Still very much a puppy, and however still a handful, but we have imprinted and started the puppy off on the right track making it easier for you to continue training.

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Three Month Program:

While your puppy is still under 6 months of age going through this comprehensive program takes a puppy to their maximum potential. The program is $3,500.00. The training includes on-leash obedience, bite development, foundation protection training, crate training, travel …

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Sixteen Month Program:

For those that want a fully trained dog this is the best program. This 16 month program takes a dog to it’s maximum potential by the age of 18 months old. The program is $16,000, The training includes on and off leash obedience, crate training, socialization, travel, protecting the home and vehicle, decoy work, multiple attackers …

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Complete K9 Security Package:

For those that want a fully trained dog with a custom built Kennel with shelter and Vehicle accommodating crate for transport. This includes the 16 month program described above. The Complete K9 Security Package is $30,000, for the basic package. Depending on the style and perks you want with your Kennel set up the package price maybe higher, but most definitely can be accommodated.

We also offer just obedience training programs for those who don't want protection training.

1 Month just obedience Training Program

3 Month just obedience Training Program

16 Month just obedience Training Program