Our Rottweiler Bloodline:

Achima von Lowenburg


Adana von Bugambilia

(Conceived in Belgium at van het Falconsnest Kennel)

Afra von Bevertal


ADRK 078685

DOB 3/13/91


SchH3, VPG3, FH, BH, ZtP, HD-, Hip:FCI: A 1/2

Afra is the mother of Balou vom Silberblick (One of the greatest rottweilers in Germany.) She is known for producing offspring with huge heads, black mouth, dark eyes & excellent temperaments.

Agir Gero-Dogs

Slov. CH, Grand CH, 6 x CAC, 7 x R.CAC, 1 x CACIB, Euro dog show V3


0/0 A

Aika von Radkestein


Akino von der Lauterbrucke


DOB 10/16/97


ADRK 097842

DT.VDH-CH, SchH3, VPG3, IPO3, AD, BH, ZtP, Gek. bis

BREED SUITABILITY FOR 24/10/99 in Metzingen ( Spindler )

Withers 65cm Deep Chest 31cm Weight 50kg Hull length 76cm 
Chest 89cm Skull 15.0 cm Fang 8.5cm 
Large, full salary and attentive dog. Typical head, dark brown eyes, Foot dark pigments, Scherengebiß. Strong neck, broad chest, presence-rich tant angled, double-pawed partially ausdrehend, broad straight back, Hindquarters very well angled correctly and deeply bemuskelt.Kurzes stock with brown hair insignia, in all parts unclear deferred. Free-Ganganla It calming assets and Führigkeit very high. Stamina high. Resilience medium. Spitzer solid grip.

Akino is the sire of Tim von der Scherau and is a proven producer of many great dogs in Germany. He is known for producing huge heads, excellent bone, black mouth, dark eyes & high drives.

Alfa von Junipera


DOB 1/1/70

Mother of Jocker von Junipera

Alpha von Hasan Hause



Ambassador von Shambala


DT-VDH-CH Vice-World CH'03
SchH I, VPG I, BH, ZtP 
ADRK 103713

DOB: 4/3/2000

HD-Frei ED-Frei

ZtP: Height: 67 cm., Length: 76 cm., Chest Depth: 33 cm., Chest Circum.: 90 cm., Skull: 15.5 cm., Muzzle: 9 cm., Weight 50.5 kg., Eye color: 2A


Very large and substantial, very high temperament,strong and beautiful build.beautiful head and stop of good type, large teeth, correct ears, dark eyes (2a) lips dark and dark nose,double P1,good back-line and underline, sloping croup, forehand and hinds of good angulations, good forechest, thick coat,good tail carriage, very free and powerful gait with fluid action,

Ambassador is an offspring of Balou von Silberblick.



2 x PRM, R.CAC,
2 x CAC, 2 x J. Winner

Ana is famous in Serbia for her progeny, most notably when Ana was bred to Romul, they created Lola, who is most famous for producing Bronko od Dragicevica, perhaps Serbia's most famous Rottweiler stud dog ever.

Angy von der Gruberheide



Anouk vom Tegler Fliess





ADRK  089829

BREED SUITABILITY FOR 05/17/97 in Gielow (Radtke)

Withers 57cm chest 26cm depth Weight 37kg hull length 70cm Chest 74cm top of the head 14.0 cm Collection 8.5cm


Small, compact bitch with good bone, calm and attentive. very beautiful head with matching catch, mid-sized, correctly carried ears, almost medium brown eyes. Dark lips, gum slightly mottled, scissor bite. Exquisite chest width and depth, very good top and bottom lines. Fore and hind very well angulated, well knuckled paws. Stock hair with red-brown markings. Good gear systems running something hackeneng. Perseverance and leadership rigkeit high. Calming assets and resilience medium. Handle pointed, fixed.

Ara From Brcko Star

(Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Multi - V1 rated

6x Best of junior breed

7x CAC, 5x Best of Breed, 2x Best of Group, 2x r. BOG, r.JBIS

HD-A ED-0 Cardiac - Normal

Arko von der Werther Stadt


Arko was one of Germany's most famous stud dogs.

DT.VDH CH., ES '00, BS '00, KS '00, GrVN,CH., World CH '01,
SchH III, BH, AD, ZtP (04.00)
DOB: 6/21/97, ADRK 96816, HD-, ED-


Asia von Riesig

Daughter of Alpha von Hasan Hause

Ayk von Bickesheim


SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III, Gekort bis 16.05.01, ZtP (11.97),
DOB: 2/21/96, ADRK 92212, HD-, ED-


Ayk was one of Germany's famous stud dogs.