We offer Puppy Shipping for  our Out-Of-State Customers

We ship our puppies with United Airlines, from Phoenix Sky Harbor to your nearest International Airport.

Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old to fly and require a Veterinarian Certified Health Certificate within 10 days of the flight.

We can ship puppies 8-12 weeks of age for $550 (Combined cost of the health certificate, travel crate & ticket to fly) within the United States.

We can ship to Canada, South America and other countries, however the shipping charge will be different. International Health Certificates are a bit more expensive and flight tickets vary in cost to other countries. Also, some countries have additional requirements and therefore can affect the cost.

Puppies over 12 weeks of age can be shipped, however the price will gradually go up depending on the weight of the puppy and crate size.

If you're purchasing two puppies at once, pups under 12 weeks old can fly together in a larger crate and reduce the shipping charge to about $870 to ship 2 puppies together. Otherwise if both pups were being shipped separately, the shipping charge would come to $1100.

Further, for puppies shipping puppies within the United States, we only charge our customers for the travel crate, health certificate and ticket to fly, we don't charge extra for our time or gas. Matter of fact, we undercharge a bit because Flight Tickets have increased in the last few years.